The Road to Flagship 2024

Sponsors and vendors

We have an incredible list of sponsors and vendors this year. We cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude we have for the businesses, both local and not, for having faith in an event here in Reno. This year would not be possible if it weren’t for the amazing folks at Low Boost Performance, Muscle Motors, 5doorsocialclub, TurboLoser, The Club Customs, Looksfast.png, Chasing Midnight, 1,2 Tea, 7SpeedShop, Illegal Speedshop,

Vehicle Applications have been processed!

Check your email! You should have something from in your inbox notating the status of your car application. No matter where you stand with your application, it should be clear what next steps are, if any. If you cannot find the email from us, and want to verify your status, please email us using the email link above, and we’ll confirm details. That said… it’s time for some transparency.

We accepted more cars than we can fit at the venue. 😞

We experienced ~58% growth from 2023 to 2024. This was not expected by us whatsoever. As a result, we do not have enough room to exhibit all the cars that have been accepted. This is a nightmare situation for us on a personal level.

How are you handling this?

In 2023, some people dropped out before the show. We think this will happen again in the future. When people drop out, it opens up spots for others who were accepted but don’t currently have a space at the show. We’re using a first-come, first-served policy to prevent bias.

How did this happen?

There are two main reasons this happened. First, fire code mandates that we maintain a 10’ clearance from every wall inside of the venue, as well as walkable ‘lanes’ between the columns of parked cars. This cut into our usable space considerably.

Second, we underestimated the amount of interest the show would get this year. Based on application volume last year, we projected about 35% growth. We should have padded that number closer to 50% just to be safe. This is on us, and something we should’ve planned way better for.

To say we are disappointed in ourselves would be a gross understatement. If you have any comments, feedback, or questions, please reach out to us through any channel.

Next up: Media, volunteers, swag, and day-of!

Now that we have Vehicle applications handled, we can focus on the next few things: Getting our day-of media team locked down, put together our Volunteer model, order all of the merch we plan to put in exhibitor bags + sell at the merch table, and plan the day-of schedule.

Media team

I (Wade) will be in touch with the folks that were selected for the media team! We had 22 people apply to cover this event in a bunch of different ways. WOW! Although I can’t take everyone who applied with me for everything that needs coverage, we still welcome those who applied, as well as anyone else, to bring their gear to do media coverage! The only thing that won’t be allowed in the venue is drones. Regulations make this difficult for us.


This year we will be assembling teams rather than having single people at each “station”. Volunteers will get free admission to the show, free food & beverages, and dedicated time to hang out and browse the show. We also have a very special gift lined up for volunteers that we will be able to hand out later in the year after the show wraps. We will announce on Instagram when Volunteer Applications are open.

Last year, all of our volunteer staff members did such an incredible job. We want to reward you even more for your time this year.


We will be dropping previews of the merch that we will be including in the exhibitor bags as well as what you can buy at the merch table this year. We ancitipate running low on stock this year, so be sure to swing by the merch table, as well as other vendor booths and tables!

Day-of planning

We will have another email out to everyone once day of details are finalized. Until then, get all those last minute additions and projects done. This year will be incredible, and we can’t wait to experience it with all of you.