What to know: FS24

As we gear up for Flagship 2024, we figured we should throw together a post with some key information and key dates.

As of the time of this post, we have 3 applications open: Vehicle, Vendor, and Media applications. These are the primary applications that we’ll have open. We do have Volunteer applications which we will open in the future as we roll into FS24.


We’re aiming to have our sponsors and vendors locked in by March 1st so we can get the logistics figured out for those of you looking to sponsor (working your logo into the materials and the experience) and vend (so we plan with you on everything leading up to June 1st).


Vehicle applications close

Even if your car isn’t ready by the application deadline, include what modifications you’re planning on having ready by show time. If you can give us an idea of what it’ll look like finished, that is even better! Your goal is to help the judges understand your vision as easily as possible.


Judges select vehicles

We had questions on how this process worked last year, so we thought we’d share how we go about our selection process.

  • We print out all entries, and lay them out on a table.
  • Every judge gets one pick per round (5 judges means 5 cars per round).
  • Those 5 judges then vote on the 5 picked cars.
  • If any car doesn’t get picked from those 5, it goes back into the application pool.
  • We repeat this process until we hit capacity.

We include no personal information when the cars are being selected. We only include pictures of the car, and the modification list. We do it this way is to eliminate bias. Allowing other judges to dissent another judge’s pick is to be as fair and impartial during the selection process.



General admission tickets go on sale, and emails for accepted vehicles will be sent out! This email will include all necessary details preparing you for the big day. It will include a map, load in details, and where you can pay your exhibitor fees. This year, car exhibitor fees cover 1 car, 1 driver, and 1 passenger. Children 12 and younger are still free!

May 1ST


Media applications will stay open until May 1st. If you are plannign to travel in to the Reno/Tahoe area for the show, please let us know in advance. If you are picked by staff as part of the official event media team, we will waive your general admission ticket in exchange for being able to use, and publish content you’ve captured. You will also receive all access to the venue, including load in, and venue entry with the staff prior to anyone else.

If you are not selected to cover Flagship 2024 officially, you can still bring your video and photo equipment to the show! The only types of media that are not allowed in the venue are drones. Unfortunately, regulations make this hard for us.

May 31ST


If you are selected as part of the media team, we will ask that you join us for venue staging and prep. We want to document this process as much as we can. It’ll be fun for everyone needed the day before the show, and it’ll be amazing to be able to go into the depths of it for the FS24 after movie.


Reach out to us on Instagram, or shoot us an email: contact@neuofficial.co any time. We are happy to double check your application and answer any questions you might have that aren’t covered in this post!